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Jennifer Rumsey takes the role of President and CEO of Cummins

Jennifer Rumsey is going to take the role of President and CEO of Cummins starting 1st August 2022. Currently she hold the position of President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). She’ll replace Tom Linebarger, who will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman.

Cummins: from Darlington to South Korea

You will remember that in January Cummins revealed that it had manufactured its 1.5 millionth Mid-Range engine, a B5.9, at its Darlington factory. Since then, the team at Darlington has been tracking the progress of its now “famous” engine and have estimated that it travelled over 5,400 miles from D...

Sennebogen 3.40G: wheel loader or telescopic?

Sennebogen presented the new 3.40G telehandler with SML Power technology. A concept that combines the advantages of the telehandler with the robustness and operational capacity of a wheel loader. But with more competitive TCOs.



Hydrogen-fueled IC engines: Cummins begins testing stage

Hydrogen engines offer OEMs and end-users the benefit of adaptability by continuing to use familiar mechanical drivelines with vehicle and equipment integration mirroring that of current powertrains while continuing to provide the power and capability for meeting application needs.

Spain hydrogen and sun. Cummins agrees

According to Cummins, in agreement with Iberdrola, Spain offers a strong and dynamic local environment for hydrogen production. Total signed an agreement with MSD, in order to provide 90 GWh a year of clean energy in Spain
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