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Deutz Days 2021

During Deutz Days 20221 at Coreum in Stockstadt am Rhein, the German company unveiled vision and technologies for electrification and hydrogen applications

FPT Stage V, design and Electric Days

FPT Industrial completes its range of Stage V compliant marine engines with the launch of a new model and of the keel cooling configurations. Cursor X and 2020 Good Design Award. Electric Days


If diesel pollutes less…

Energy transition of Class II, switching to gas while maintaining a share of the latest generation diesel can generate fewer emissions than a rapid consecration of the LNG. The Politecnico di Milano has studied the guidelines for the renewal of the fleet


BorgWarner now has an onboard battery charger (OBC)

BorgWarner recently introduces its Onboard Battery Charger (OBC), making its family of technologies for plug-in hybrid and pure-electric vehicles even larger. This technology uses new silicon carbide technology and focuses on power density, power conversion efficiency and safety compliance. Ready to...

Fpt and Vision-Xev to boost powertrains

Fpt Industrial participated in VISION-xEV to develop electrified powertrains Fpt Industrial decided to take part in VISION-xEV. A particular project that focuses on giving a contribution to the advancement of all kinds of electrified powertrain systems. With the support of 14 partners and a total bu...

Rolls-Royce decided to push on electrification

Rolls-Royce will acquire Siemens Electric and hybrid-electric aerospace propulsion business Rolls-Royce has decided to enhance its electrification development strategy by entering into an agreement with Siemens. The plan is to acquire the electric and hybrid-electric aerospace propulsion activities ...

Buses: diesel or alternatives? For now, diesel wins

For long-distance buses, the evolution towards less polluting forms of traction calls into question a series of perspectives that are still not defined and with a timing not particularly close. Until beyond 2030, there is no possibility of replacing diesel on long-distance roads. That’s what t...

Bonfiglioli’s strategy from Bauma Munich 2019. The words of Marco Cesari

The last Bauma Munich 2019 was the presentation event of Bonfiglioli ECGenius, the mechanical transmission with continuous variation, of the 709CE translational reducers and of the gearmotors for rotation and translation 701TE and 701CE for mini electric excavators. Even the Internet of things has b...

China cuts subsidies, city ebus market decreases

Below, a contribution from Interact Analysis, a market research firm focused on intelligent automation, with a specific department for truck, bus and off-highway electrification in China. Interact Analysis recently wrote about the following topic: “New Chinese Subsidy Policy Results in 130,000...

Borgwarner adds battery packs to its portfolio

BorgWarner announced a new joint venture to add battery packs to its portfolio BorgWarner is continuing to build its electrification portfolio and systems expertise by agreeing to form a joint venture with Romeo Power Technology, a battery packs and modules supplier. This new joint venture will be s...

Mild Hybrid: the secret weapon of the Koreans

Mild Hybrid: diesel is still at the top in Italy The Mild Hybrid seems to be the next chice. Listening to the automotive world, diesel engines seems to be already in the past and the real future is in the electric. Then, however, if you take a look at the sales statistics of March 2019 […]

Mann+Hummel focused on sustainability and innovation

Mann+Hummel presented its innovation for the industrial business What innovation means for Mann+Hummel: clean air, energy and resource efficiency, less operating costs and predictive maintainance through digital components. This is the aim of the new technologies presented by the filtration speciali...

Alexei Ustinov and Cummins’ strategy for the near future

Cummins is currently developing very different aspects of its business with different strategies concerning Stage V and alternative solutions like gas, electric and hybrid. We wanted to discover more so we went to talk directly to Alexei Ustinov, Vice President Off-Highway Engine Business at Cummins...
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