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AS Labruna at Metstrade: a new role

At Metstrade AS Labruna presents itself as a system integrator. Among the novelties the Power Bank 30, Power Shunt, electric Maradea and HVO on-board generators

fuel cell

Faurecia at the forefront of hydrogen development in China

Faurecia aims to play a primary role in the development of hydrogen-based solutions in China. The global automotive technology company, in fact, has just announced the acquisition of CLD, one of China’s largest high-pressure tank manufacturers. More into details, CLD is headquartered in ShenYang and...

DAM and the path to hydrogen

If you say ‘DAM’, we reply ‘hydrogen’ (Do you remember the agreement between Volvo and Daimler?). Why? You must know that DAM Group is specialized in instrumentation and software, electronics, automation and mechanical engineering. Basically, test benches are the core busines...

Cummins towards a fuel cell range extender

Cummins has increased their initial investment from September 2019 in Loop Energy, a Canadian manufacturer of fuel cell systems. The goal is to develop a fuel cell range extender for commercial electric vehicles. Loop is a company specializing in medium and heavy-duty fuel cell buses and trucks, a n...

Nikola is now part of the CNH Industrial family

It is still early to evaluate the impact that Nikola will have on Iveco and Fpt Industrial. For sure, Nikola will contribute technologies for the european joint venture with CNH Industrial that will include fuel-cell expertise, e-axles, inverters, independent suspension, on-board hydrogen fuel stora...

KMW sensors for hydrogen and combustion pressure

The hydrogen “challenge” For some time now the research and development team at sensor manufacturer Kaufbeurer Mikrosysteme Wiedemann (KMW) has been working on the measurement of pressure in hydrogen. As a first step, KMW designed sensing elements and pressure transmitters for the distri...

Cnh Industrial and the Capital Markets Day

Fpt Industrial came out of Wall Street as one with Iveco at the end of the Capital Markets Day. The much rumored spin-off materialized at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on last Tuesday at 11 am, local time, in the words of Hubertus Mühlhäuser: Iveco and Fpt will constitute an autonomous entity a...

Nuvera CEO Lucien Robroek on hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are trying to emerge in the market as one of the changing transportation technologies of today. Nuvera CEO Lucien Robroek decided to talk about the fast-growing fuel cell industry and its impact on every form of mobility. What was your journey to Nuvera like? For 11 years, I work...
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