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Figures and topics of the first mtu Virtual Marine Summit

According to Rolls-Royce Power Systems, more than 2000 participants from 84 countries joined the event, whose conclusion was that «shipping must become more climate-friendly, and tackle the fundamental transformation needed to achieve this immediately».

MTU between systems control and anniversary

The MTU acronym doesn’t mean just engines, R&D and partnership, it’s also active between systems control and anniversary. Starting from platform management systems and ship control systems we find the name of Servowatch. MTU and Servowatch systems control Rolls-Royce has acquired Ser...



Rolls-Royce and Svitzer now working together for MTU engines

Rolls-Royce and Svitzer have recently signed a 10-year service agreement for Preventive spare parts supply in six countries for 17 tugs powered by MTU Series 4000 units. According to the agreement, which has been named Global Frame Value Care Agreement (VCA), the cost of maintenance services is bein...

MTU and Claas, two partners for developing Stage V engines

MTU and Claas have been working closely together for more than two decades. Back in March 2018, the MTU Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 engines were awarded certificates for compliance with EU Stage V emissions standard. The groundwork leading up to certification lay in some 110,000 hours of field ...

Microgrids in agriculture. Our interview with MTU, part two

As we promised last week, here’s the second part of our interview with MTU specialists and managers about microgrids in agriculture. The last question of the first part, which you can read here, dealt with the customers’ approach when choosing between diesel or gas engines. Now, it’s time to talk ab...

MTU and the microgrids, our interview with Armin Fürderer

Microgrids. At Agritechnica, we have interviewed Armin Fürderer, Director Customer Solutions, Rolls-Royce, Business Unit Power Systems, about the hot issue of microgrids, with a particular focus on the agricultural sector. Here we publish the first part of the interview. A little more patience is ne...

ConExpo Las Vegas. What’s new?

LAS VEGAS? WHERE CONEXPO AND IFPE WILL TAKE PLACE ConExpo Las Vegas, we take the stock of the event. Still no confirmation of the rumors circulating about engine previews, we briefly remind you what we saw in the previous editions. In 2011 and 2014 MTU previewed and introduced the Tier 4 Final engin...

Improved service for MTU Stage V engines

MTU Stage V engines. Engines alone are not enough, apparently. Manufacturers focus their attention on what’s around them, not only in terms of components, but also in terms of services provided to their customers. Talking about Rolls-Royce and their MTU engines, the Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 ...

MTU microgrid solutions for agriculture

MTU microgrid for farming applications. The participation of Rolls-Royce and its MTU brand at Agritechnica focused on two major issues. In addition to the latest achievements on the Stage V certification for industrial engines, the Friedrichshafen company put a lot of efforts on the eco-friendly and...

Rolls-Royce Power Systems: it’s quite a good time

Despite the uncertain global economic situation, the Rolls-Royce Power Systems business unit saw a significant increase in revenue and profit in the first half of 2019 compared with the same period of last year. ROLLS ROYCE LOOKING AT THE CHINESE MARKET… Adjusted revenue was up 6 percent to 1....

Gas and diesel generator sets for meat production in Mexico

Rolls-Royce supplied MTU Onsite Energy generator sets for the power plant of a new pork processing facility in Mexico, operated by one of the country’s largest and most technically advanced producers. The power plant is supported by four MTU Onsite Energy Series 4000 gas generators and one MTU Onsit...

MTU improves its Premium Yacht Service

Rolls-Royce decided to give more space to the Premium Yacht Service (PYS), its MTU-brand global service portfolio for yacht customers. “Captain training” represents its information course on yachts. In the meanwhile, digital tools and a new Customer Care Center are improving the current ...
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