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IVECO and AG restarted

IVECO and AG restarted. There is ferment in the world of industrial applications. Once the sanitization procedures have been completed and all the protocols have been implemented, production has been resumed (here how Kohler approached coronavirus). IVECO and AG restarted. IVECO Daily on May 4th “Th...

Deutz webshop enhancement

Deutz webshop enhancement. The Deutz Service Portal has been available online since April 2019. When fully operational it will be organized in three levels: Webshop, Connect App and Advanced Service. How is the platform being updated and what is the feedback from users? We could anticipate this in a...

AED and the coronavirus. PPP and oil&gas

AED and the coronavirus: Paycheck Protection Program AED and the coronavirus. A relationship that affects the entire planet, in a crisis, even financial, unprecedented. Even when the American Equipment Distributors (AED) and the rich North American market are at stake (here, a report from ConExpo 20...

Cummins DuPont and 3M against Covid-19

Cummins DuPont and 3M to defeat Coronavirus Cummins DuPont and 3M: a trio of excellence combining forces for masks and respirators. When technology, albeit with different applications, is working together to stem the pandemic. Let’s start with the deal with DuPont (here DuPont Clean Technologi...

F28 Diesel of the year 2020. About the genesis

F28 Diesel of the year 2020. Back to the origins F28 Diesel of the year 2020. And it goes back to its origins, together with Umberto Gammieri, Head of the F28 Platform. Where did the need for a 2.8 litre engine come from and why this displacement? From the need to cover all the requests […]

500 MTU engines are headed to China

Rolls-Royce has signed agreements for the delivery of more than 500 MTU engines and systems for power generation and marine applications during the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. ROLLS-ROYCE STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHINESE PARTNERS Five documents were signed betw...


AS Labruna at Metstrade: a new role

At Metstrade AS Labruna presents itself as a system integrator. Among the novelties the Power Bank 30, Power Shunt, electric Maradea and HVO on-board generators


Liugong sees an innovative future ahead

Liugong wants to explore a sustainable path to the future Future. To talk about it Liugong held the Global Dealer Conference 2018 at Liuzhou, Guangxi, China, in its headquarters, with the theme “Innovation & Transformation-The Road for the Future“. The idea was to explore a sustainab...
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