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H2-Industries, between gas flaring, pyrolysis and clean hydrogen

H2-Industries has developed a process to convert environmentally harmful flaring gases right at the flare of an oil production field into clean hydrogen and solid carbon. This process captures clean carbon black, not produced from fossil fuels, but from harmful production emissions with no additiona...


AS Labruna at Metstrade: a new role

At Metstrade AS Labruna presents itself as a system integrator. Among the novelties the Power Bank 30, Power Shunt, electric Maradea and HVO on-board generators

power generation

Wärtsilä storage

Wärtsilä will supply its advanced energy storage technology for two major projects in southern Texas, USA and will carry out the conversion of a Taiwanese power plant from its current reliance on heavy fuel oil (HFO) to operate on natural gas.

Volvo Penta D8

The new D8 industrial genset engine is based on mature technology concepts that have undergone hundreds of thousands of testing hours. The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors completed the transaction whereby Isuzu Motors acquired UD Trucks from the Volvo Group

Floating Wärtsilä…

Wärtsilä barge will be placed next to TMI’s existing thermal power barge, in the Philippines. Wärtsilä’s 200 MW power plant project in Colombia proceeds despite the pandemic

Cat electric in Eastern Europe: Poland and Russia

Cat electric in Eastern Europe is a ‘walk’ that starts in Poland and ends in Russia. “Energetyka Cieplna Sp. z o.o. has signed an agreement with Cat® dealer Eneria Poland to provide an integrated cogeneration system that will supply up to 8 MW of power and 7.9 MW of thermal power year-ro...

The first 8-cylinder variant of the Bergen B36:45 gas engine

What we are telling you is a beautiful story, Bergen B36:45 gas engine, but one that changed its connotations at birth. The B36:45 gas engine for PG applications also found ‘fans’ in the 8-cylinder version. As we all know, however, it is recent news that Bergen has been sold to TMH. When...
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