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Rolls-Royce will meet Net Zero soon

By 2023, all in-production civil aero engines to be proven compatible with 100% sustainable aviation fuels, contributing to UN Race to Zero breakthrough goal for sustainable aviation. Science-based target to reduce lifetime emissions of new sold products from Power Systems by 35% by 2030; new genera...


Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Rolls-Royce stays fine despite COVID

Rolls-Royce Power Systems stays fine despite Covid-19. More than 3 billion euro revenue. During 2020 Rolls Royce acquired Kinolt, Servowatch and Qinous. Hydrogen is under the spotlight.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems Kinetic PowerPack

Renewable energy doesn’t just mean wind turbines and photovoltaic panels. In Friedrichshafen they have understood this very well. Kinetic PowerPack is just one example. Read the following from their press office. Kinetic PowerPack “The Rolls-Royce Power Systems division is expanding the portfo...

Rolls-Royce to sell Bergen. Mission accomplished

Some believed that Rolls-Royce could combine Bergen and Mtu to create a large CHP and commercial marine hub. An ambitious idea, which would have required investments to harmonise and integrate the two portfolios. However, first the marine engines business was sold to Kongsberg, and now the Bergen En...

MTU between systems control and anniversary

The MTU acronym doesn’t mean just engines, R&D and partnership, it’s also active between systems control and anniversary. Starting from platform management systems and ship control systems we find the name of Servowatch. MTU and Servowatch systems control Rolls-Royce has acquired Ser...

Rolls-Royce runs LNG. And it’s a hybrid

Rolls-Royce runs LNG and he did it across the sea. In Friedrichshafen, they pioneered the CNG conversion of one of their engines. We’re talking about the 4000 series, which we saw at work just off the shores of Lake Constance. The evolution to LNG was the natural consequence. In the applicatio...

MTU Power to X for commercial boating

MTU Power to X. Just to clarify, what does ‘Power to X’ mean? Basically ,we can say that’s the way to convert renewable energy. There are many options, you need just to replace the final ‘X’! For example, into methane gas (Power-to-Gas) or liquid methanol (Power-to-Liqu...

MTU Series 500: more efficient and H2 ready

MTU Series 500: it seems incredible, but the pandemic does not stop R&D and the launch of new products! The keys to understanding the presentation of the new series concern efficiency, which stands at 42.6%, and the fact that they are H2 ready. For the rest, we rely on the Friedrichshafen note. ...
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