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Scania introduces 13-litre gas engine

Scania is renowned for its wide range of low-carbon powertrain options, and is now proud to add the all-new 13-litre gas engine that can run on natural gas and on biogas as well as new tank options.

Schaeffler inaugurates cutting-edge e-mobility plant in Hungary

Designed as a 'factory for tomorrow', the new Schaeffler site features a high degree of automation, modular production buildings, and end-to-end digitalization. The new factory is supposed to create 150 new jobs and is the first Schaeffler plant fully dedicated to e-mobility.

Rolls-Royce will meet Net Zero soon

By 2023, all in-production civil aero engines to be proven compatible with 100% sustainable aviation fuels, contributing to UN Race to Zero breakthrough goal for sustainable aviation. Science-based target to reduce lifetime emissions of new sold products from Power Systems by 35% by 2030; new genera...



Rolls-Royce and the next low-emissions engines

The target of developing low-emissions engines for aviation is quite important for Rolls-Royce. As a matter of fact, reducing emissions from gas turbines is part of the wider Rolls-Royce sustainability strategy. The global manufacturer has indeed announced the beginning of the latest phase of testin...

FPT Industrial joins battery research project SeNSE

Officially launched last February, the European battery research project SeNSE aims at boosting research about the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. Together with five other industrial companies and five research institutes, FPT Industrial has become part of the project, showing the growing ...

Fpt N67. Is natural gas an option for the future of off-highway?

In addition to the dual nature (diesel and gas) F28, Fpt N67 NG, standing of course for ‘natural gas’, was also on display at Agritechnica 2019. The latter is an engine capable of delivering 180 kilowatts of power at 1,800 rpm and 1,035 Nm at 1,500 rpm, with multipoint injection, three-w...

There’s FPT behind the first gas-powered firefighting vehicle

The first gas-powered firefighting vehicle. The rush to sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for vehicles employed by municipalities and public organizations has started. Some manufacturers are working on it and important results have arisen in the last few years in different sectors. ...

MTU microgrid solutions for agriculture

MTU microgrid for farming applications. The participation of Rolls-Royce and its MTU brand at Agritechnica focused on two major issues. In addition to the latest achievements on the Stage V certification for industrial engines, the Friedrichshafen company put a lot of efforts on the eco-friendly and...

In Italy the first gas cogenerator with a Scania engine

The first gas cogenerator with a Scania engine, namely 16 liters and 330 kilowatts, powered by natural gas has recently been installed at a tannery in Solofra, in the province of Avellino, in Southern Italy. The goal is to ensure greater economic and environmental sustainability in terms of water he...

Tractor of the Year 2020: the awards assigned at Agritechnica

On the opening day of Agritechnica 2019, the awards for the Tractor of the Year 2020 were assigned during a dedicated ceremony, organized by the magazine ‘Trattori’. In addition to the TOTY, which reached its 23rdedition, as well as the Best Utility and Best of Specialized categories, another award ...
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