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Volvo Penta IPS to power new Amer charter yacht

The compact design of Volvo Penta IPS delivers more space onboard – a small engine room allows for extra crew cabins, and storage for toys like jet skis – making the Amer 120 suitable for charter holidays. Volvo Penta is also working with Garmin to combine two independent systems, namely Volvo Penta...

Volvo Penta D8

The new D8 industrial genset engine is based on mature technology concepts that have undergone hundreds of thousands of testing hours. The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors completed the transaction whereby Isuzu Motors acquired UD Trucks from the Volvo Group


Deutz builds its ten millionth engine

Drive systems specialist Deutz celebrates the production of its ten millionth engine with the completion of a TCG 7.8 H2. This hydrogen engine with six cylinders is, like the original, a four-stroke engine.

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Brand-new assisted docking system launched by Volvo Penta at CES 2021

Volvo Penta took part in CES 2021 and introduced a fully integrated assisted docking system. Before talking in-depth about the new product, let’s go back to the beginning of 2020, when the Covid-19 was not part of our lives yet. In fact, one year ago we mentioned the US exhibition in this post. It w...

Volvo Penta and efficiency. The five Swedish declensions

Volvo Penta and efficiency. We all usually call it efficiency. But Volvo Penta has found a way to pursue the same goal, but with a different semantics: to maximize uptime. In Guthenburg they show five ways to go. Listen straight from their words (for first, refresh on Stage V). Volvo Penta and effic...

Volvo Penta 2020: fishing for big fish

Volvo Penta 2020, a balance sheet that is not so negative, despite the effects of the pandemic. Of course, Q2 and Q3 suffered a lot from lockdown, and it couldn’t have been any other way. The two ‘wings’ of the year, however, confirmed the vitality of Volvo Penta. After a very live...

Absolute Navetta 64 and Volvo Penta D13 engines: a winning team

Absolute Navetta 64 is the latest addition to the Navetta yacht line. Volvo Penta is the supplier chosen for the engines, coupled with the patented IPS to complete (here, a focus on the hybrid version of the IPS) the propulsion line. Absolute let us know indeed that «the Navetta 64, The Absolute Pat...

More Volvo Penta solutions for marine commercial

It’s time for digital events within Volvo Penta. After introducing the new CEO, Heléne Mellquist, a few weeks ago, the expanded product range for the marine commercial segment was presented lately via web platform. The latter is the best solution indeed, waiting for the next year and, hopefully, the...

Heléne Mellquist Volvo Penta CEO. Gothenburg is home: for 32 years

Heléne Mellquist Volvo Penta CEO: «I started in Volvo at 1988, I’m really a long timer. I’ve been in very many places, in trucks, in buses, in the construction equipment.» And now, it’s time to lead Volvo Penta, Heléne Mellquist. Heléne Mellquist Volvo Penta CEO. Ready to approach the 2021 The...

Volvo D13TC with I-SAVE package (and turbocompound)

The Volvo D13TC engine features the I-SAVE package, which also includes the turbocompound. That is, coupling the D13TC and the advanced gear management (I-Shift) software with the optimized software for long-range operations (Eco mode), predictive cruise control (I-See) in combination with I-Cruise....

Volvo Penta engines for straddle carriers

The long-lasting collaboration between Volvo Penta and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries was the background for an interesting joint project regarding intelligent straddle carriers, that is to say those systems used to load, unload, stack and move containers at a port terminal. We have been talking ...

Volvo Penta Stage V

Volvo Penta Stage V. It may seem out of place, or out of time, to talk about Stage V just now that the EU moratorium has become official. Yet at Volvo Penta, where the wait for the Big Bang of electrification, scheduled for 2021, hasn’t waned, attention to reducing exhaust emissions is also, a...
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