The editorial staff introduce in a video message the contents of Diesel International 3-2020, released at the beginning of May.

First of all, let’s quote Antonio Guterress, Secretary-General of the United Nations, about COVID-19: «The pandemic is one of the most dangerous challenges this world has faced in our lifetime». Let’s move to Diesel of the year 2020: FPT Industrial F28 is not one engine but three: diesel, gas and hybrid.

Kohler and Volvo Penta told us how they approached the dramatic Coronavirus emergency. What do you say? Hybrid? Ok! We mention two very special applications: the hyper-car Koenigsegg Gemera and the tractor Steyr Konzept.

Diesel International 3-2020: ConExpo, Dubai, marine and more

The lockdown doesn’t stop us from reporting from ConExpo: under the spotlight John Deere 18L and Kubota 7.5L. Diesel engines comparisons: single cylinder, the chip appearance, and 9 engines for 9 liters. Fish-Eye: Lindner and Perkins. A strong relationship extended to Stage V. MEE Dubai: we got it! Just one step before lockdown…

Diesel marine: a report about LNG and the As Hydropod. What about components? PGMs: a European project to improve DPF. The key word is ‘copper’. And again, Dana, Danfoss and Eaton, Arbos, Powerlink and more and more.



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