The editorial staff introduce in a video message the contents of Diesel International 4-2020, released a few days ago for the months of August, September and October.

Diesel International 4-2020: focused on marine applications

It’s the summertime and we’re going to show you what is happening on the rivers, seas and oceans. PG: Baudouin PowerKit Gas engines on the ground, Kohler Power on the boats. Isotta Fraschini and University make ‘IFuture’ true.

SCR: a ghost, a nightmare, an unwelcome guest? Anyway, it’s pure reality. We made some questions to boat engineering experts and trucks specialists, the first to improve SCR in the industrial field. On the cover Nanni Energy in Blue. We interviewed Amalia Festa, Nanni’s CEO. Venice, the place to be. In a cleaner way, together with Vizianello Shipyard, Hyundai Seasall and SOCOGES, Huracan Power and Mercury.

100 HP diesel engines. Are they a bridge to a near hybrid future?

Applications and a lot of new technology

APPs: Nothing about the Internet. We’re talking about Monte Carlo Yachts and MAN and a wooden boat powered by Scania. To be a worker of the sea you need broad shoulders. Niigata, one of the brands of IHI Power Systems, responds to the sketch.

Alamarin builds a perfect triangle with Baudouin and ZF Marine. What do you think when we mention the word ‘Techno’, referred to the sea technology? Siemens, Vanzetti Engineering, Patrini, ZF and Torqeedo, Powerbox, Yanmar Marine and Toyota will give you an answer.


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