As usual, the editorial staff released a video to introduce Powertrain 4/2021, the fourth of six issues of the magazine to be released in the current year. The e-magazine is available at this link.

Euro7 is coming and even in the US Cummins and Tula ‘squeeze’ the diesel to get the best out of it. We considered low entry and downsizing for the comparison, and the choice fell on the little one-liter displacements 3-cylinders engines. We’re not simply talking about an electric SUV (by Volvo), but rather what’s going on all around it!

Powertrain 4/2021: applications and Fish-Eye

What about ‘clean diesel’? Mission accomplished for the Visa gensets, powered by FPT Industrial and Bimotor, at the World Ski Championships. He’s a demolition guy, works hard and relies on Kohler and Kubota, Sweden’s Brokk. Lefebvre ends here his long talking about the Diesel of the year, John Deere 18.0L

Research and efficiency, two words that suit for engines, motors, batteries and so on: here we are with Liebherr, Ricardo, and Caterpillar. Finally, Stage V in the water.


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