As usual, the editorial staff released a video to introduce Powertrain 5/2021, the fourth of six issues of the magazine to be released in the current year. The e-magazine is available at this link.

In the editorial, we wonder if the EU will become a hub for hydrogen and biomethane. Did you know that the VW Golf’s weight has nearly doubled from its origins to 2019? A preview of the marine season at the Venice Boat Show, as well as reasonable doubts that it can compete with Amsterdam in becoming the place to be for the electrification in the maritime industry.

Powertrain 5/2021: focus on marine applications

Speaking of alternative fuels, we interviewed Water Revolution Foundation, tell you about the Earth 300 project and Molten salt reactor, Aviomarine’s strategy to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The highlight of the September menu is the presentation of the Man Engines hybrid system for the recreational sector. In the comparison we put the 170 horsepower engines under the microscope.

ICEs: Stage V for AGCO Power, in the interpretation of the Italian dealer Boni, and As Labruna. With Fincantieri Yachts we thought big. We couldn’t do otherwise, given the synergies, the figures and the engine sizes of the Fincantieri Group.Rolls-Roye Power Systems designs its roadmaps towards carbon neutrality.


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